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måndag 26 augusti 2013

The book store

Tjenare, alla monsterdiggare! Här kommer en historia såhär strax innan studierna drar igång. 

As i strolled through the town
A gloomy autumn day 
The sky a repulsive gray
Rain would soon come down

I saw a peculiar store 
Filled with books for sale
The clerk looked kinda pale
I'd never seen him before

I was gonna pass it by
When it suddenly caught my eye
A book that surely I
Must read before I die

The book's gruesome cover
Was an intimidating face
It made me think of a monstrous place
Blew me away like a lover

I kicked open the door
"Shut up and take my money"
The clerk gazed like a long dead mummy
Would he trade me the ancient lore?

But he smiled a wicked smile
Wouldn't accept my bargain
Threw his head back barking
A cacaphony most vile

The door behind me was now locked
My heart began to pound
He went down on all four, like some hound
Frankly speaking, I was quite shocked

Paralyzed to a statue of fear
I saw the clerk grow fur and claws
Elongated teeth and grotesque paws
It seemed that the end was near

With no hope in sight 
I commenced a look
Grabbed that hideous book
A fitting weapon for a fight

I would stand my ground
Well, try at least
Against this blasphemous beast
"Come at me, you heathen hound"

But the beast went silent
Kept staring at the tome
Would I make it back home?
Would things not turn out so violent?

He made for the back room
But I wouldn't let him run
I tossed the book just for fun
And unleashed a glimpse of doom

The book halted in midair
Performed a barrel roll
Imploded into a black hole
A portal to space, right there

The canean clerk couldn't escape
He was sucked into the vortex
It ripped out his neo cortex
A maelstrom of mindrape

As the last piece of clerk went "slurp"
The portal let out a fart
Enough to tear the door behind me apart 
A space-time vacuum burp

I leaped through the arc
Ran from that shunnable shop
Ran to another town without a stop
Where carnivorous clerks never will bark

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